Candidacy Application

Candidacy is the final stage in your Ph.D. program.  Students who are Post Master's should begin preparation to enter candidacy when they have completed approximately 36 credit hours. Post Bachelor's students should begin preparation after completing approximately 60 credit hours.  Preparation for candidacy includes passing qualifying exams, forming a dissertation committee (committee must contain at least 3 department faculty and 1 member outside of the department), choosing a dissertation director and preparing a dissertation proposal which is approved by the committee. 
Once these steps have been completed, the following items are required for admission to candidacy:
  1. completed Application for Candidacy
  2. approved original proposal with Committee Signature Page
  3. copy of transcript 
  4. signed General Exam Form
Completed applications should be sent to the Graduate Programs Office (room 280 Maginnes Hall).  Once this paperwork is processed, a candidacy interview is scheduled with the Associate Dean as the final step to formally enter Candidacy. 
*Graduate students must file for Candidacy at least seven (7) months prior to graduation.

Please fill out this form electronically. To do this, save a copy of the PDF below and open the saved copy.

After your form is filled out, please print and gather the appropriate signatures on the new hard copy.