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Whether your aspirations are in education, science, public service, or business, the College of Arts and Sciences' 12 graduate programs enhance your prospects. We invite applications from students whose breadth of academic experience and fitness for the specific field of study suggest the potential for scholarly achievement.  Read More>>

A highly talented and diverse student body significantly heightens the character and quality of the academic culture and community. To this end, the College of Arts and Sciences is constantly working to increase the pool of graduate scholars from diverse backgrounds.

At Lehigh, graduate students make significant contributions to the intellectual and social life of the University. Graduate students in the college experience individual attention combined with state-of-the-art laboratories, libraries and research facilities found only at a research university. The College of Arts and Sciences is a vigorous learning environment where quality instruction and innovative scholarship are the norms. Faculty members are accessible and involved in the learning process as teachers, mentors and active scholars. Many are recognized nationally and internationally for their research activities.

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Degree Programs

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    The M.A. degree offered through this program involves core courses in American history and American literature or film. Students have the opportunity to specialize in such areas as science, technology and society; colonial America, gender and sexuality, Africana studies, religious thought, American politics and film, popular culture and media studies.

    Professor Jodi Eichler-Levine


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    A research oriented program leading to a Ph.D. degree in Biology is offered in four concentrations of the biological sciences: Biochemistry, Cell and Molecular Biology, Neuroscience, and Evolution and Behavior.

    Professor Amber Rice


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    The department offers an on-campus Ph.D. and a distance only M.S. degree. Specialization areas include analytical, organic, inorganic, physical chemistry, and biochemistry.

    Professor Kai Landskron


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    The department offers the M.S. degree in Earth and Environmental Sciences. Faculty interests and programs center on geological science, environmental science and ecology. Research opportunities include both laboratory and field-oriented studies. The department offers the Ph.D. degree in Earth and Environmental Sciences. Faculty interests and programs center on geological science, environmental science and ecology. Research opportunities include both laboratory and field-oriented studies.

    Professor Kenneth Kodama


  • Degree Program Home

    The department offers the M.A. and PhD degrees with specializations in American, English, and Anglophone literatures and cultures, as well as an emerging emphasis in Literature and Social Justice.

    Professor Jenna Lay


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    The Environmental Initiative offers an interdisciplinary M.A. in Environmental Policy Design that encourages both critical analysis of past and current environmental policy and constructive policy arguments for the future. Students gain the skills needed to understand environmental problems in the context of global interactions and to develop policy responses that can properly address these problems at all organizational levels.

    Professor Karen Beck Pooley


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    The History department offers an M.A. and a Ph.D. The graduate program focuses primarily on the areas in which the department is particularly strong in faculty and resources: Atlantic World, 1500-1800, including colonial United States, and Industrial and Modern America, 1800-present, with emphasis on social, cultural, urban, environmental, and technology topics. Other areas in which faculty interests cluster are cultural and intellectual history and gender. Graduate classes are small and students have direct access to faculty members.

    Professor John Savage


  • Degree Program Home

    The Department of Mathematics offers a program of study leading to the M.S. and Ph.D. in mathematics, the M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in applied mathematics, and the M.S. in statistics

    Professor Robert Neel


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    The department offers the M.S. and PhD in physics, and a M.S. in photonics with specializations in astrophysics; atomic, molecular and optical physics; biophysics; computational physics; condensed matter physics; nonlinear optics; and statistical physics.

    Professor Joshua Pepper


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    The Department of Political Science offers a graduate program leading to the Master of Arts in Politics and Policy. The program prepares students for further study in political science, public policy, or the law as well as careers in business, public service, or nonprofit organizations. Students interested in state or local public service or nonprofit work may elect to take the Community Fellows program in which the student works for 15 hours per week for a local agency on a project related to community (re)development.

    Professor Holona Ochs


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    The Department of Psychology offers distinctive research-intensive M.S. and Ph.D. programs with a focus on human cognition and development. Training is provided by a core curriculum and specialization in one of three intersecting clusters: cognitive psychology, developmental psychology, and social psychology.

    Professor Almut Hupbach


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    The department offers a Master of Arts in sociology with a focus on applied social science research. Students who are oriented toward the Ph.D. are encouraged to apply for teaching assistantships and to carry out research for the master's thesis. Those who are more oriented toward communitypbased work after the M.A. are encouraged to consider the options of enrolling in the Community Fellows Program - see the Web site for more information.

    Professor Yuping Zhang


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