Chemistry Courses

Chemistry Advanced Placement Policy

Four credit hours for CHM 030 are granted to students who earn a grade of 5 on the Advanced Chemistry Placement test.

CHM 030/031 vs CHM 040/041

Given their similarities, a student may not receive credit for both CHM 030 and CHM 040. The CHM 040/041 sequence is intended for students considering a major in chemistry, or in one of the other sciences or related engineering fields that require a strong background in chemistry. Nevertheless, either sequence may be used for any degree program that requires general chemistry. 

CHM 030 or 040 is required for first semester students who wish to pursue any degree program offered by Chemistry or Biological Sciences, as well as anyone considering the pre-health programs. CHM 030 or 040 is a prerequisite for the introductory Biological Sciences core courses, BIOS 041: Biology Core I: Cellular & Molecular, and its accompanying lab, BIOS 042.