Naming and Core Support

Lehigh University College of Arts and Sciences - Students and faculty of the College of Arts and Sciences

Our curricula are designed to help students not only master content but develop a desire for intellectual inquiry and understanding. It is designed to give students the ability to turn information into knowledge and knowledge into action. We stress proficiency, creativity, connections, and experience. We support flexibility and focus on individual student growth and development but place the individual within the broader context of human culture and the natural world. Faculty members in the College of Arts and Sciences are recognized nationally and internationally as leaders in their fields, known for fostering debate, and for influencing thought and ideas. Our faculty excel at both disciplinary and interdisciplinary research and scholarship. Our faculty compete successfully with, and collaborate with, faculty at other top- tier institutions. Our faculty serve on national and international panels, organize workshops and conferences, provide commentary and advice, and perform and exhibit nationally and internationally.

An education in the arts and sciences at Lehigh provides student with the knowledge and skills—and with the agility and flexibility required—to meet the demands of employers and society and to lead meaningful and satisfying lives. Naming and giving opportunities exists to support the college and departments.
The College needs your support of its people, places and programs. A monetary gift will help the College of Arts and Sciences educate undergraduates and sustain professors and graduate students in the creation of knowledge in the humanities, social sciences and sciences. It will help us build facilities for a growing student body and research enterprise. A gift to the College is both a vote of confidence in its future and a vital instrument for progress in scholarship and research at Lehigh.
The College of Arts and Sciences has giving opportunities in the following areas:
Endowed professorships are a means of recognizing and supporting gifted scholars whose work makes positive and meaningful contributions to their fields of knowledge. Endowed professorships will also help to fund faculty expansion and assist efforts to recruit senior faculty in selected fields.
Graduate Fellowships
Fellowships support the training of talented graduate students who will help educate undergraduates in the College and perform invaluable research. Many of them will go on to teach new generations of scholars and will produce knowledge that will sustain human enterprise and planetary life. Enhancing graduate student support is one of the primary priorities of the College.
The Lehigh Fund
The Lehigh Fund is a repository of unrestricted money for meeting immediate needs in the College. The generosity of alumni, parents and friends who contribute to the Annual Fund helps students and faculty in the College every day.
Facilities funding is especially vital as the College develops innovative initiatives. To ensure that the College has buildings, laboratories and other infrastructure for learning and research, please consider giving to build for the future.
For more information about how you can support the College of Arts and Sciences, contact Kelly Stazi, Director of Development at 610/758-2824 or