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Lehigh University College of Arts and Sciences - Students in CAS at Lehigh

Prepare Yourself for a Life of Meaning and Action

The College of Arts and Sciences is a community of about 1900 undergraduate students and 250 full-time faculty--comparable in size to many four-year liberal arts colleges and offering the benefits of small size and intimate setting found at such colleges. For example, College faculty, while closely engaged with the learning process as active scholars, are committed to the teaching mission of our undergraduate programs and are very accessible to undergraduate students.

Arts and Sciences students find our programs highly flexible. They may choose degree programs from among more than 50 disciplines in the College’s 18 academic departments and in multidisciplinary programs that cross departmental boundaries. The student can also combine areas to construct programs of study that best fit his or her personal goals and interests.

Our advising program, staffed by regular faculty, is designed to guide the undecided student as well as the student with a definite direction. Degree requirements are flexible, allowing the student to select from a wide range of courses, but build a solid, broad foundation that is one of the hallmarks of a liberal arts education.

Our liberal arts college is part of a medium-sized comprehensive university. Students in the College of Arts and Sciences have access to courses in the College of Business and Economics and in the College of Engineering and Applied Science. Many of our students take courses in, for example, Economics, Marketing, and Computer Science. In fact, the College of Business and Economics offers a BA in Economics for Arts and Sciences students, and the College of Engineering offers both a BA and a BS in Computer Science for Arts and Sciences students. Also, because Lehigh has high expectations of faculty scholarship, students are part of an invigorating research environment: excellent libraries, world-class laboratories, a high-speed network with thousands of connection points around campus (including connections in dormitory rooms and an expanding wireless capability), hundreds of computers for student use, state-of-the-art performance venues for music and theatre, graduate courses, and opportunities for students to get engaged in faculty research projects.