First-Year Student Essentials

Dear Students and Advisors,

Critical thinking, analysis, communication, and problem-solving are just a few of our College Learning Outcomes. Such skills transcend majors and disciplines and are crucial elements needed to meet the changes ahead. As students plan their academic futures, the goals of an Arts and Sciences education will help foster sound exploration and decision-making.

Requirements are relatively simple and easily understood. The links to the left contain a wealth of information about starting and continuing academic life in the College of Arts and Sciences and we hope you will find them useful. Your final authority on rules and requirements is the University Catalog—so confirm all information you receive from any source with the catalog for accuracy.

Across all majors we affirm our students’ proactive acquisition of the traits necessary for lifelong success. Empowered students will take charge of their opportunities through creative academic exploration and planning. We encourage students to consult with their advisors as necessary. Our college's Advising Mentors, a group of experienced faculty advisors, can offer assistance to both advisors and students alike. We remind students they are responsible to develop and maintain an active relationship with their advisor, as they take personal responsibility for their academic futures.

Here are helpful links available that we have dubbed our "First-Year Student Essentials". Please check them out and don't hesitate to let us know if you have any questions!


Cameron Wesson
Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs