College Change Information


The College Change Petition may be used by students wishing to change from one undergraduate college to another. Besides filling out the form itself, students must have earned at least 12 credits at Lehigh, 23 credits total, and be in good academic standing before being eligible to switch colleges. College change peitions are processed by the Registrar's office during the first ten days of each semester. Any petition received after the tenth day of classes will be held and processed for the start of the next semester. Students may fill out the college change petition in anticipation of earning 23 credits, but all colleges will hold the petition until students have successfully cleared all 23 credits. This typically means students cannot change colleges until the end of their first academic year. In the meantime, students are welcome to contact their future college during registration to select courses. 

*Please note that the College of Business and Economics requires potential college switchers to attend a college information session and pass with a C- or better in both ECO 001: Principles of Economics and MATH 081: Calculus I with Business Applications or its equivalent, MATH 021: Calculus I. For more information please refer to their dedicated webpage