Africana Studies

AAS 005: African Civilization
4 credits - 43012
Sub-Saharan Africa through the millennia of the ancient world to the present. Human origins, state and non-state systems, the external slave trade; colonialism, resistance to European rule; independence movements; neocolonialism.
Attribute/Distribution: BUG, SS
AAS 125: Art and Architecture of Africa: From Contemporary to Colonial Times
4 credits - 44315
This course is structured around case studies of art and architecture from early traditions up through the present. The focus is on cultural production, religious art and architecture (local as well as Christian and Muslim traditions), craftsmanship, style, materials, trade, and international exhibition of art objects in Museums. The literature draws from art historical, anthropological, and historical analyses as well as museum studies. Students should be prepared to attend Museums/galleries during the semester.
Attribute/Distribution: BUG, HU