Psychology Courses Fall 2018

PSYC 001: Introduction to Psychology   

CRN 40296; 4 credits (SS) TR 9:20 – 10:35am with Professor Gill 

CRN 42313; 4 credits (SS) MW 2:35 – 3:50pm with Professor Carlisle 

Psychology as a science of behavior. Natural science aspects such as learning, sensation-perception, and physiological bases; and social science aspects such as human development, intelligence, and personality. Methodologies appropriate to these areas, and related societal problems. 


PSYC 012-010: Introduction to Human Neuroscience   CRN 43518; 4 credits (NS)   MW 12:45 – 2:00pm   In this introductory course, we will uncover how our brains are able to give rise to the complexities of human thought and behavior. We will examine the neural bases of seeing, hearing, sleep, dreaming, sexual behavior, emotion, aggression, behavioral disorders, learning, and memory.  Professor Carlisle 

PSYC 107-010: Child Development   CRN 40297; 4 credits (SS)   MWF 1:10 – 2:00pm   Survey of theories and research concerning perceptual, cognitive, social, and personality development through infancy and childhood. May not be taken pass/fail. Open to First-Year Students with departmental permission.   Prerequisite: PSYC 001 or SOC 001   Professor Laible 


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