Economics Courses Fall 2018


ECO 001: Principles of Economics   4 credits (SS)      *There are over 30 sections available; please see course schedule for days and times     A one-semester course in the principles of economics. General topics covered are: supply and demand; pricing and production decisions of firms; the role of government in the economy; the determination of national income; money and banking; monetary and fiscal policy; and government finance. 

ECO 029: Money, Banking, and Financial Markets   *There are 12 sections available, please see course schedule for days and times   The nature and functions of money. Global money and financial markets. The role of commercial and central banks. Effects of the interest rate, exchange rate, and the money supply on the economy. Examination and evaluation of current and past monetary policies.   Prerequisite: ECO 001 


ECO 045: Statistical Methods 

CRN 41559; 3 credits; MWF 9:10 – 10:00am with Professor Thornton 

CRN 42520; 3 credits; TR 10:45am – 12:00pm with Professor Yang 

CRN 41560; 3 credits; TR 1:10 – 2:25pm with Professor Yang 

CRN 41558; 3 credits; MWF 11:10am – 12:00pm with Professor Thornton 

Descriptive statistics, probability and probability distributions, sampling, estimation, hypothesis testing, chi-square tests, simple regression and correlation. Note: CBE students may not take MATH 012 as a replacement for ECO 045. 




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