History Courses Fall 2019

HIST 001: Time Travel: How to Make History
4 Credits – CRN 44494

This course uses non-fiction historical graphic novels as a basis for introducing the college-level study of history. Students will use the graphic accounts to explore basic questions about how historians construct narratives of past events using different kinds of primary source evidence, with a special focus on the challenge of apprehending the lives of those who are left out of the official historical record. The readings cover subjects that range across different regions and periods of world history since 1600, including Native American history, modern English nationalism, the history of sports, the Atlantic Slave Trade, European encroachment in 19th century China, and the history and memory of the Holocaust.
Attribute/Distribution: SS

HIST 007: Technology in America’s Industrial Age 
4 Credits - CRN 44495

Traces the development of American technology from the preindustrial colonial era until America's emergence as the world's leading industrial power. The interactions between technology and culture, society, politics, and the economy will also be addressed.
Attribute/Distribution: SS, STS

HIST 015: Three English Revolutions
4 Credits – CRN 44809

The Protestant Reformation, the Civil Wars, and the Glorious Revolution, from Henry the Eighth to John Locke. Examines how three bloody conflicts gave birth to the first modern society. Explores the origins of empire, capitalism, secularization, nationalism, and democracy.
Attribute/Distribution: BUG, HU

HIST 021: Greek History
4 Credits – CRN 44549

The development of civilization from paleolithic times to the world empire of Alexander the Great.The social, economic, religious, philosophic, artistic, and literary development of the ancient world; the origin of political institutions.
Attribute/Distribution: BUG, SS

HIST 025: Pirates of the Caribbean and Other Rouges of the Atlantic World
4 Credits – CRN 44496

Introduction to the history of the Atlantic World, through the lens of piracy and seafaring. Interactions between Europe, Africa, and North and South America, 1442-1825.
Attribute/Distribution: BUG, SS

HIST 049: The True Road to El Dorado: Colonial Latin America
4 Credits – CRN 43291

Examines the initial encounters of peoples of Iberian and African origins with the indigenous civilizations of the Western Hemisphere. Explores the development of a colonial economy and its global reach. Focuses on the birth of a distinctive Latin American society and culture, with attention to the Latin American patriots who fought for their freedom. No prior knowledge of Latin American history required.
Attribute/Distribution: BUG, SS

HIST 075: Understanding Hong Kong
4 Credits – CRN 43213

The development of traditional Chinese thought, beliefs, technology, and institutions from a historical perspective.
Attribute/Distribution: BUG, SS

HIST 095: Empire, War, and Resistance in the Middle East
4 Credits – CRN 44535

During the past two hundred years, empires fought over the control of strategic trade routes and natural resources in the Middle East. The wars they waged redrew the boundaries in the region and sowed the seeds of the conflicts in Palestine, Iraq, and Syria. At the same time, Middle Eastern men and women resisted the foreign occupation and domestic dictators alike. In this course, by studying sources such as fiction, photographs and films, you will explore the regions diverse past and investigate its legacy today.
Attribute/Distribution: BUG, SS

HIST 096: Understanding Hong Kong
4 Credits – CRN 43250

This course introduces Hong Kong, from its history as a vibrant British colony to its current status as a bustling territory mediating between China and the world. The learning objectives and outcomes consist not only of a knowledge of Hong Kong's significance for global commerce and culture but also of the ability to analyze primary and secondary sources as well as to conduct independent research. Course materials, which include wartime stories and autobiographical novellas, romantic comedies and martial arts films, are all available in English.
Attribute/Distribution: BUG, HU

HIST 124: Women in America
4 Credits – CRN 43283

Roles of women in American society from colonial to present times: attitudes toward women, female sexuality, women's work, and feminism. *Open to students who score a 4 or 5 on the AP History Exam*
Attribute/Distribution: BUD, SS

HIST 130: African American History
4 Credits – CRN 44537

Blacks in America from the first importation of Africans to the implementation of civil rights laws. West African origins, slave trade, slavery, free blacks and emancipation and study of Reconstruction, segregation, urbanization, and the struggle for racial equality. *Open to students who score a 4 or 5 on the AP History Exam*
Attribute/Distribution: BUD, SS

HIST 136: Era of the Civil War and Reconstruction
4 Credits – CRN 44541

American abolitionism and the origins of the Civil War; the Second American Revolution; Reconstruction and its sequel.  *Open to students who score a 4 or 5 on the AP History Exam*
Attribute/Distribution: SS