Earth and Environmental Sciences Courses Fall 2019

EES 004: Science of Environmental Issues
1 Credit – Two Sections Offered – CRN’s 40879, 40880

Analysis of current environmental issues from a scientific perspective. The focus on the course will be weekly discussions based on assigned readings. May be combined with other EES 3 credit courses for 4 credits.
Attribute/Distribution: NS, STS

EES 011: Environmental Geology
3 Credits – CRN 42215

Analysis of the dynamic interaction of geologic processes and human activities. Catastrophic geologic processes (earthquakes, volcanoes, landslides), pollution of geologic systems, and engineering case studies. May be combined with EES 022 or EES 004 for 4 credits.
Attribute/Distribution: NS

EES 022: Exploring Earth
1 Credit– CRN 40881

Laboratory course in methods, data acquisition, data analyses and scientific communication relevant to Earth and Environmental Sciences. Building on the framework of the “Earth Science Literacy Initiative” the course introduces students to the foundations of the scientific method, the basic concepts of the Earth systems, and the influence and interaction of the natural world in everyday life. Topics include Hazards, resources, anthropogenic forcing and impacts, biogeochemical cycles and sustainability. May be combined with other EES Courses for 4 credits.
Attribute/Distribution: LS, NS 

EES 024: Climate Change
3 Credits – CRN 44636

Examination and discussion of Earth’s climate history and the multiple interactions among components of the climate system, including ice, water, air, land, and vegetation; review of the causes of climate change at various time scales. Assessment of historical and future climate change and the role of humans in causing climate change, including global warming. May be combined with EES 022 or EES 004 for 4 credits.
Attribute/Distribution: NS 

EES 026: Energy, Origins, Impacts, & Options
3 Credits – CRN 44637

Critical assessment of current and predicted energy resources used by humans, including their origins, distribution, environmental impacts, and feasibility. Lectures, discussion, field trips. May be combined with EES 022 or EES 004 for 4 credits.
Attribute/Distribution: NS

EES 080: Intro to the Earth System
4 Credits – CRN 42509

Study of the integrated earth system, including the atmosphere, biosphere, geosphere, and hydrosphere and interactions between these components (e.g., plate tectonics, biogeochemical cycling, climate, anthropogenic impacts). The course is designed to prepare students for a major in earth and environmental sciences and includes a lab that develops skills relevant to this broad field including data analysis, modeling, use of maps and geospatial data, and field work. Lectures and lab.
Attribute/Distribution: NS