Religion Studies Courses Fall 2019

REL 005: Spiritual Exercise in Religious Traditions
4 Credits – CRN 44397

Explores a variety of religious disciplines developed in various traditions, ranging from the practice of yoga and the martial arts to various forms of prayer, meditation, and asceticism.
Attribute/Distribution: HU

REL 025: Introduction to Black Religions and Hip Hop
4 Credits – CRN 44962

Rapper KRS ONE once stated that, “Rap is something you do and Hip-Hop is something you live.” This course thinks through the global evolution of Hip-Hop culture and the public and academic study of Black Religions as responses to structural and historical inequality and the search for meaning in culture by considering themes of resistance, constraint, power, the body, deviance, and morality over and against race, class, gender, and sexuality from a range of academic and cultural sources.
Attribute/Distribution: HU

REL 062: Explorations in Dialogue
4 Credits – CRN 44433

Course critically investigates inter-religious dialogue, an important issue in the contemporary academic study of religion. Focus will be on the problem of inter-religious encounter; religion and globalization; different models of dialogue; and the questions of power and identity. At least two traditions will be put into conversation for any proposed offering (e.g., Christian-Buddhist, Jewish-Muslim, Jewish-Christian).
Attribute/Distribution: HU

REL 075: The Christian Tradition
4 Credits – CRN 44444

Introduction to the Christian tradition from its early variety and subsequent classical definition in the church councils up to the enlightenment. Special emphasis will be placed on the multiform interpretations of the Christian message.
Attribute/Distribution: HU