English Courses

First-Year English Courses 

All students at Lehigh are required to take two courses of first-year English: ENGL 001: Critical Reading and Composition and ENGL 002: Research and Argument. 

For students coming in with Transfer credit for ENGL 001 the appropriate next course is ENGL 002.

For students coming in with AP credit for ENGL 001 or who have placed out of ENGL 001 via their SAT or ACT scores, the appropriate next course is ENGL 011: Seminar in Critical Reading and Writing. 

English for International Students

New international students will take an English placement test at International Orientation in August. Based on those placement test results as well as other English language documentation, the International Center for Academic and Professional English (ICAPE) will work with students to place them on one of three tracks: 

1. ENGL 001 and 002 only

2. ENGL 001 and 002 with special recitation for international English speakers 

3. ENGL 003: Composition and Literature I for International Writers and ENGL 005: Composition and Literature II for International Writers

English Composition Advanced Placement, ACT, SAT, and IB Policy

All F-Y students in CAS  must take two courses in F-Y Writing: one of these course requirements can be fulfilled by demonstrating proficiency on the basis of achievement test scores. Those students who demonstrate proficiency (see below) will get credit for English 1 (3 credits) and will have fulfilled the first of the two required F-Y Writing courses.  Those students will take English 11 to fulfill the second course requirement. Those students who do not demonstrate proficiency on the basis of achievement test scores will take the sequence English 1 and English 2 to fulfill the two-course writing requirement.
Achievement Test Scores:
To receive credit for English 1 (3 credits), students must achieve one of the following:
  • a score of 4 or higher on either of the English AP exams,
  • a score of 6 or higher on all three parts of the optional SAT essay exam,
  • a score of 10 or higher on the ACT Optional Writing Test,
  • a score of 5 or higher on the IB test.
Exceptions and special cases:
  • Students in the Eckardt Scholar Program are exempt from all CAS requirements, including FY Writing.
  • Students in the IDEAS program fulfill the writing requirement by taking writing-intensive seminars in their program.
  • Multi-lingual students are assessed for proficiency by the International Center for Academic and Professional English.  Those who are deemed sufficiently proficient are placed in English 1 and 2; others are advised to take English 3 and 5.