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How the Library and Librarians can help improve your teaching and courses at Lehigh

Roseann Bowerman, Arts and Sciences LTS team leader, 83053

I'm thinking of developing a new course or emphasizing a new area in my classes. How do I make sure the library has materials my students can use on these topics?
Lehigh librarians are always willing to purchase materials to support the curriculum and class assignments. Call the librarian on the A&S team who works with your department. We can talk about the type of materials that need to be in the library, work with you to identify the resources we might not yet own and get the books ordered in time for the class. Try to contact us several months in advance of needing the materials. We can of course order things on a RUSH basis but we would prefer to make sure that the materials arrive on time for you.

Which librarian works with my department and how can I contact him/her?
Here is a directory of the librarians who work with the Library and Technology Services, Arts and Sciences team.

   Kathe Morrow,, 83041

Science, Mathematics & Psychology:
   Brian Simboli,, 85003

Social Sciences:
   Roseann Bowerman,, 83053

I'm using Blackboard or a Web page for my courses. Is there some way I can make links to course related important library resources, databases, specific electronic articles and other electronically available materials right from within my Blackboard Course or Web page?
Yes! We can create what are referred to as "durable links" to most of our databases, our Ejournal articles and to certain other articles to which we have rights via our database vendors. The librarians can show you how to do this. The beauty of this is it replaces scanning articles for electronic reserve, eliminates the need to pursue copyright permission and makes our vast holding of electronic library resources available from within your electronic course pages.

The Library seems to have new types of resources or different versions of databases every semester. How can I be sure my students know what is available to them so they don't only rely on Google searches of the web when they are doing their research assignments?
The librarians can approach this several ways. We can come to your class and demonstrate some of the materials the students will need when working on their projects. At that time we can guide your students in the art of evaluating the resources they use. We can create a web guide that directs your students to the most appropriate resources. You can see a list of some of the guides already created for courses this semester at the Course Related Library Guides site. (By the way, you can link to this custom guide from your Blackboard or Web course!) We can work with your Blackboard class discussion lists as a resource person, contributing information on research approaches as it comes up in the discussion. We welcome other ideas you might have for how we can work with you. Contact us or share your suggestions through this listserv.

How do I keep informed about new library materials and research products the Library is acquiring?
New library materials, especially databases and other electronic acquisitions are announced on a regular basis on the Library Services page in the Library News area. And don't forget the MyLibrary tab on the Lehigh Portal. Your MyLibrary page is focused on the resources for your discipline and can be personalized to fit your needs and interests. The subject librarian will make announcements of new materials of interest in your field in the box called "MyLibrary News."