Physics Courses

Students requiring Physics their first semester typically begin with PHY 010: General Physics I, or PHY 011: Introductory Physics I, paired with the accompanying lab, PHY 012: Introductory Physics Lab I (please see below for course descriptions).

*If you are not sure which Physics intro course to take (PHY 010 vs PHY 011), please consult the catalog entry for your intended major. As a general rule of thumb, Physics, Astrophysics, and Engineering students should take PHY 011. 


PHY 010: General Physics IStatistics, dynamics, conservation laws, thermodynamics, kinetic theory of gases, and fluids. Primarily for architecture, biological science, or earth and environmental science students. Prerequisite: MATH 021, 051, 075, or 076 (these may be taken concurrently with PHY 010)
PHY 011: Introductory Physics IKinematics, frames of reference, laws of motion in Newtonian theory and special relativity, and conservation laws, as applied to the mechanics of mass points and rigid bodies; temperature, heat and the laws of thermodynamics; kinetic theory of gases. Two lectures and two recitations per week. Prerequisite: MATH 021, 051, 075, or 076 (these may be taken concurrently with PHY 011)
PHY 012: Introductory Physics Lab IA laboratory course taken concurrently with PHY 010 or 011. Experiments in mechanics, heat, and DC electrical circuits. One three-hour laboratory period per week. Corequisite: PHY 010 or 011


Students with AP Credit for Physics are eligible to take PHY 013: General Physics II or PHY 021: Introductory Physics II, and the accompanying lab, PHY 022: Introductory Physics Lab II. 

Please contact with questions, call (610) 758-3931, or stop by the Physics Office in Lewis Lab 214.