Mr. Alex Senchak '06

Alex Senchak since graduation from Lehigh, has worked with organizations and companies on developing revenue growth plans both in non-profit and for profit companies. Having spent time in New York City and touring with several performing productions internationally. Experiencing the mechanics of mounting productions and the variety of business models to fund productions was inspiration for him to work with organizations evaluating their strategies for the future and creating balanced and sustainable organizations.

Alex moved to San Francisco and worked with a consulting firm The Shalleck Collaborative and began to also work with entrepreneurial technology companies in the Bay Area. In 2011 Alex moved to Boston where he resides now with his wife and daughter and continues to work with a broad range of companies on growth and fundraising plans serving as a Vice President at Graham-Pelton Consulting Additionally, Alex is an angel investor and working with new companies in the personal wellness, travel and hospitality industries to create high return revenue models with lean infrastructure. Alex has traveled extensively and deeply loves sailing and the ocean. He is the chair of the Psi Upsilon Foundation, board member of the Boston Lyric Opera, New Conservatory Theatre and involved with several cultural organizations.