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CAS Travel Support

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Laura Chiles
CAS Director of Administration
General Information
The College of Arts & Sciences encourages and supports faculty research. One way of demonstrating this support is by providing travel funds to enable faculty to present papers, posters, serve as a discussant, or chair a panel at regional, national, or international conferences. In general, funding is provided only when the faculty member is presenting a paper. We almost never provide support simply to attend a meeting or to underwrite research-related travel.
It is important to follow the guidelines and procedures set by the Dean’s Office in order to have your trip considered for underwriting. Because the college’s travel budget is limited, support must be secured at least one month prior to attending the conference/seminar. We do not support or fund any travel requests after the trip has been taken.
When and how do I submit a request for travel funds?
The individual’s responsibility begins with obtaining and completing a Travel Prediction Form for each trip click here for form. Attach copies of all relevent travel information (i.e. confirmation of your paper’s acceptance, an invitation to chair a panel at a conference, the seminar schedule for which you are presenting the paper, etc.) and then list all sources of funding on the Travel Prediction Form (i.e. research grants, departmental accounts, other professional funds). The department chair should indicate the amount the department is prepared to contribute before forwarding it to the Dean’s Office.  You should submit your Travel Prediction Form(s) as soon as possible (i.e. as soon as you have confirmation that your paper has been accepted.)
Are there other travel funds available at Lehigh?
The Provost also has a travel fund for faculty.  The Dean’s Office decides whether to forward a travel request, with the Dean’s endorsement, to the Provost’s Office. Typically the Provost’s fund provides cost sharing funds for one trip per 12 months.  For more information on Provost Funding (please click here)
Can I apply for more than one trip?
Both the Provost’s and the College’s travel funds have supported more than one trip for the same faculty in any given year, but one trip per year per faculty member is the norm for college support. We are happy to provide support if the funds are available, but for budgeting purposes we ask that all Travel Prediction Forms be submitted to the Dean’s Office as soon as possible as requests are processed on a first come, first serve basis. Likewise, if your plans change, we ask that you notify us immediately so we can award the funds to someone else, as a waiting list is started once available funds have been fully allocated. We understand that there will be some years you may not attend a conference, and there will be some years you may be invited to several. We try to take this into consideration when awarding funds.
How do I know if I have been allocated travel funds? 
Once the decision has been made to underwrite travel plans, an award letter is sent to the faculty member and is copied to the Department Chair and the Academic Coordinator.
What expenses can be reimbursed?
Because all travel expenses are subject to audit and review by the Controller’s Office, your receipts may be reviewed in order to ensure that they adhere to the University’s Travel and Business Expense Policy. This ensures that all travel and business expenses are valid, necessary, and in compliance with IRS and other government agency regulations and general University accounting procedures. Expenses that may be reimbursable include*: necessary business, telephone, fax, or wifi charges; necessary expenses associated with baggage handling, storage, and tips, laundry and dry cleaning for travel periods greater than five days, hotel, and travel expenses. Expenses that are NOT reimbursable include*: alcoholic beverages; personal credit card fees; auto rental insurance charges; seat upgrades; child care expenses; fines for traffic/parking violations; personal entertainment expenses; travel insurance; medical costs, etc.
*Please review the Controller’s Office "Travel and Business Expense Reimbursements Policy" please click here for policy for a full list of reimbursable/non-reimbursable expenses.
How do I get reimbursed?
All receipts must be submitted through the OneCard system.  To receive internal reimbursement from the College and/or Provost office, the faculty member (with assistance from the department coordinator) must send the travel settlement worksheet along with a copy of all valid receipts to the CAS Dean’s Office.  Although reimbursement submission is encourage to be completed as soon as possible, travel not settled within 90 days of the travel completion date, or before the end of the fiscal year (June 30), whichever comes first, may be denied funding.