Building Communities: Archaeologies of Hierophany, Heterarchy, and Hierarchy | Sociology & Anth

Thursday, November 16, 2017 -
11:10am to 12:30pm

Sociology & Anthropology Department Colloquium presentation by Cam Wesson, Lucy G. Moses Distinguished Professor

The archaeological record is replete with evidence of people engaging in massive earth-moving and building activities that transformed physical environments as well as social, religious, and political space. A variety of theoretical approaches have been used to explain these activities, with some scholars arguing they are visible signs of inequality while others suggest they are examples of community-building in largely egalitarian societies. This talk examines large earthen constructions in the United States and those in Britain, suggesting that the theories used to explain these constructions are as much a product of the present as they are attempts to explain the past.

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Cam Wesson, Lucy Moses Distinguished Professor, presents an archeological perspective on large earthen constructions in the US and Britain, suggesting theories to explain them are as much a product of the present as they are explanations of the past.